All of Hapship's art commissions are online, so shipping is not needed.  Only a digital copy will be sent to the client.  Money  will be sent through Paypal invoices. Payment will be upfront in USD, and the product files will be sent after the artist is finish.

 Please send an email to for inquries about the commission.

  • After payment is recieved, the sketching process begins.  This is the recommended time to suggest tweaks.  
  • Updates and snapshots will be sent if the asked, or the artist requires clarity.   
  • The drawing process make take more than 3 weeks depending on scheduling. There  are no hard deadlines unless agreed upon by the artist and client.  
  • In the senario the artist cannot complete the request on time, an extention may be asked.
Uses and Rights
  • These prices listed are intended for personal use.  The client may post the artwork with credit, but any monetary or misuse may result in a takedown.
  • Other costs will be added for commercial use.  Any promotional use or plans by the client (and/or assocates) must be disclosed to Hapships before paying.
  • The artist still attains rights to distribute, edit, and reupload the image.  This is typically for archiving or sharing on social media.

 Refunds will be unavaible after payment is sent.  This is to avoid overdraft fees and invalid transfers.  Please check over the agreements before committing to any services.